Agriculture Research | Rabindranath Tagore University
Agriculture Research Complex

(Coordinator Mr. ME Khan)
A Novel Initiative

Agriculture Research Complex (ARC) has been established in an 8 acre farm land. The objectives of ARC will be as follows-
  1. Research & Field Trials- Research work and field trials on organic farming, crop upgradation, soil improvement and suitability, food processing techniques, manures and pesticide testing, irrigation and cultivation techniques, horticulture Floriculture and dairy farming.
  2. Practical Workplace for Students- Develop facilities for practical work and hands on training for students of Agriculture discipline and facilitate their project work.
  3. Multi Skill Center- Develop ARC as Multi Skill Center for Agriculture Students as well as students of other branches and farmers/youth from adopted villages. Skill will be delivered on aspects like silage making, warm compost manure, hay making, urea treatment, care and maintenance of milk animals’ farm machine maintenance and irrigation, Crop cultivation, Horticulture green house technologies etc.
  4. Technology Transfer- To develop ARC as nodal center for technology transfer to farmers, provide consultancy services and operate help and information center on all matters related to agriculture.
Action Plan -2017-18
  1. Reception area with front garden and welcome area will be constructed at the entry of ARC.
  2. Cultivation area comprising Crop Area, Floriculture Area and Medicinal Plant Area which will be spread in 3 acres including experimentation area.
  3. Model Fruit Garden with experimental areas spread in 2.5 acre land.
  4. A Poly house a workshop shed and farm equipment parking shed in one acre area.
  5. A dairy unit with 20 cows of different breeds.
  • For dairy unit finances will be obtained from NABARD.
  • ARC will develop in to a model of pure organic farm certified by Govt of MP.
  • ARC will become self sustaining by end 2018, and generate its own fund for growth.

Activities in ARC