Vishwarang is a literature, arts & cultural festival founded by the Rabindranath Tagore University in 2019.

It’s grown into a global platform for showcasing and celebrating Indian literature, culture, art, music, and cinema. Vishwarang has a strong presence and participation from over 50+ countries and tie-ups with globally renowned artists. The festival also supports Hindi and other language artists, as well as upcoming local talents, and has recognized and applauded new artists with the potential for success.

Our Art Forms








Arun Kamal

Dr. Radha Vallabh Tripathi

Biswapati Sarkar

Ashneer Grover

Vishal Bhardwaj

Angaraag Mahanta (Papon)

Manoj Pahwa

Satya Vyas

Opportunities for Budding Artists

Vishwarang is more than just a cultural event; it is a platform dedicated to nurturing and showcasing fresh talent in the realm of art and culture. Our mission is to provide a sophisticated stage for aspiring artists, allowing them to bask in the spotlight they truly deserve. By honouring niche artforms and recognizing the dedication of these talented individuals, we aim to create a global stage where their artistic expressions can resonate with a diverse audience.

Inspired by the visionary Rabindranath Tagore, our ultimate goal is to conceptualise his vision and bring it to life. We believe in celebrating art in all its forms, acknowledging its universal significance and power to transcend boundaries. Through Vishwarang, we aim to foster an inclusive and vibrant artistic community that pays homage to Indian heritage while embracing innovation and contemporary creativity.

Know someone who should be featured on Vishwarang’s global stage? Visit here to nominate or Register.

Partner Country Festivals

Vishwarang is keen on promoting Hindi and other language artists while providing a stage to upcoming local talents. Not just in India, but also around the world. Indian culture is rich in heritage, featuring exceptional talent. We aspire to nurture a global stage that can showcase this talent. Over 50 countries have participated in Vishwarang, including USA, Australia, Singapore, UAE and the UK.
India in New York | Shri Randhir Jaiswal | Vishwarang USA
Music, Literature, and Dance | Vishwarang Australia
संस्कृति उत्सव : शास्त्रीय नृत्य


Explore Our Award-Winning Artists

Vishwarang Alankran
Sharan Kumar Limbale

Tagore Award for Painting
Ms. Jyoti Berwal
Vanmali 2022
Geetanjali Shree
Vishwarang Alankran
Nand Kishore Acharya

GSP Children’s Festival

Our film festivals for children feature story-telling sessions, theatre workshops, puppet shows and pottery classes. Here’s a glimpse.

Rang Rangeela Gittu Girgit | Theatre..

Enjoy an entertaining theatre show, Rang Rangeela Gittu Girgit by Dhanendra Kawa..

Listen to a story from Turkey with R..

Listen to the wonderful story from Turkey, ‘The 8th Donkey’ narrated by Rituparn..

Cartoon Sketching with Vaibhav Kumar

Uncover how fictional characters come to life with Vaibhav Kumaresh,..

Dr. Pallavi Rao Chaturvedi in conver..

Watch Dr. Pallavi Rao Chaturvedi in conversation with Kuriakose Vaisian, Editor-..

Vishwarang Media

International Kavi Sammelan and Mushaira were organized in Vishwarang 2022. In which well-known poets and poets of the country and the world presented their creations…
In Vishwarang 2022, a symposium was organized on the topic ‘Role of literature in world harmony and peace’. The dignitaries present expressed their views about how peace…
In Vishwarang 2022, War and Exile: World Perspective, eminent personalities like Nandkishore Acharya, Achyutanand Mishra, Agnishekhar, Nauman Shouk, Anoop Sethi…
Renowned writers like Chandan Pandey and Mohammad Arif were present in this session of ‘Meet the Author’ at Vishwarang 2022. Opened up in this session about his writing process…

Vishwarang Podcasts

Listen this soulful performance, a perfect song for the season of love by..
Mame Khan and Dhruv Ghanekar come together to tell their LIVE TRUE story..
Chaudhary sung by the legendary folk artist Mame Khan. He becomes the first..
Tune into this thought provoking session on ‘Tagore, Iqbal and Faiz, and their..
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