Our club is a vibrant community of environmentally conscious students dedicated to making a positive impact on our campus and beyond. Through engaging discussions, hands-on projects, and educational initiatives, we strive to raise awareness about environmental issues and promote sustainable practices. Join us in fostering a greener future by participating in tree planting events, waste reduction campaigns, and exciting eco-friendly activities. Together, we can create a campus that values and preserves our planet for generations to come. Let's inspire change, one eco-friendly initiative at a time.


Prakratim members performing Nukkad Natak in the campus to raise awareness regarding Environment Issues & Protection.

Tree Plantation followed by Nukkad Natak by Respected Vice Chancellor RNTU & Registrar Sir RNTU outside the Institute of Law, RNTU to mark its establishment

Tree plantation after an event organised by Faculty of Agriculture, RNTU on the occasion of World Environment Day with the collaboration of ‘Prakratim’, Institute of Law, RNTU

Nukkad Natak performed by Prakratim members at DB City Mall Bhopal on the theme “Paryavarn Behaal- Jaagrukta hi Upchaar”

Pamphlet made for raising awareness regarding the Nukkad Natak performed by ‘Prakratim’

Nukkad Natak performed by Prakratim Members at office of Association of Industries, Mandideep Bhopal to raise awareness among its employees and stakeholders

Awareness talk by Prakratim members with the Chairman, Association of Industries, Mandideep

Foreign Delegates addressing the audience at RNTU on Environmental issues

Group photo of the members of ‘Prakratim’ with the faculty of Institute of Law, RNTU Bhopal after performing Nukkad Natak at DB Mall, Bhopal

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