Centre For Women Entrepreneurship
About the Centre

The Centre for Women Entrepreneurship (CWE) is dedicated to empowering female and non-binary entrepreneurs across various age, groups, and cultural backgrounds, helping them realize their entrepreneurial ambitions. Our primary focus is on fostering leadership skills. We firmly believe in providing equal opportunities for success to everyone. Our approach involves connecting them with relevant resources that can assist them in achieving their objectives.

The center has taken significant steps to further its mission. We recently organized a National Seminar titled “Women Empowerment: Creating, Nurturing & Transforming the Society,” held on 4th – 5th November, 2022. This event was sponsored by the Indian Council of Social Science Research (ICSSR). Additionally, we hosted a National Conference on “Women Entrepreneurship-Challenges & Opportunities” on 15th – 16th September, 2022, in collaboration with esteemed Knowledge Partners including TISS, APEDA, and MSME. These initiatives underline our commitment to advancing women's entrepreneurship and addressing the challenges and opportunities associated with it.

Vision of the Centre

Our objective is to establish a society where every woman business owner, regardless of her location, is empowered with the opportunity and capability to expand her enterprise on an international scale.

Mission of the Centre
The centre aims to facilitate the advancement of women's entrepreneurship in India and beyond, with the dual purpose of enhancing both individual and national economic prosperity. It strives to play a pivotal role in fostering the expansion of proactive women entrepreneurs by nurturing and enhancing their entrepreneurial capabilities.

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