Dynamic faculty with a doctorate.

Imparting skill-based education.

Emphasis on project, design, and laboratory skills.

Enhancement of sScientific rReasoning and aAbility.

Innovating through research and development (R&D)


Life science provides a fundamental understanding of living resources and their interactions with the environment. It encompasses animal and plant sciences, microbiology, biotechnology, biochemistry, molecular biology, and applied genetics.
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Our programs offer a comprehensive exploration of the fundamental laws that govern the physical world.
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Chemistry, with its broad impact on human life, is a captivating subject. It is vital in areas such as air quality and soil fertility for crop growth. Forensic science offers abundant job opportunities globally. Completing a forensic science course can lead to employment in government labs, private investigation firms, or crime departments. A three-year B.Sc. degree in physics provides a strong foundation in quantum mechanics, electromagnetism, semiconductors, optics, and statistics. Mathematics students can pursue higher education or seek employment after completing their B.Sc. Maths Honours. Further education options include MSc and Ph.D. programmes. These fields open exciting avenues for professional growth and intellectual fulfilment, catering to those interested in chemistry, forensic science, physics, or mathematics.


Our vision is to impart quality education in science to both rural and urban students. We aim to foster creativity and research-oriented thinking among our students by equipping them with the necessary skills and knowledge.


Our mission is to provide education that goes beyond knowledge acquisition and skill development, aiming to transform students into globally competent professionals.

Key Highlights

Excellent placement opportunities.
Organise educational and industrial visits.
Multi-disciplinary approach.
Established two centres for excellence.
Well-qualified teaching staff.



Rabindranath Tagore University signed MOUs with Universities, Institute, Centers like Centre of microbiology and biotechnology, CSIR-India, CSIR-AMPRI, WWF, and MP council of science & technology. It often covers areas such as research collaboration, student exchange programs, joint academic initiatives, and resource sharing, fostering a mutually beneficial relationship that enhances educational, research, and outreach efforts for all parties concerned.