Agriculture Research Center

(Coordinator Mr. ME Khan)
A Novel Initiative

Agriculture is the integral occupational and sustenance practice of the people of India. The agricultural industry provides employment to almost 50% of the Indian workforce and contributes 17-18% to the country’s GDP. The agriculture industry also includes various allied sectors like forestry, animal husbandry, and fisheries.

Similar to every industry, the agriculture industry also requires continuous reforms, upgrades, research, and development. The research in agriculture has boosted since the Indian Green Revolution in the 1970s. The Indian Agricultural Statistics Research Institute is the main body for agricultural research in India but various private and public institutes and colleges also contribute in the agricultural research.

RNTU, one of the premier colleges in Bhopal, has established the Agriculture Research Complex (ARC) in a total area of 8-acre farm land to assist the research and academic activities within the organization.

The objectives of the Agriculture Research Complex are:

  • * Research & Field Trials:
    It is necessary to conduct research and field trials to figure out and calculate the results of experiments and theoretical data of the various studies going on in the college. The agriculture research complex is designed for research and field trials on various study topics related to soil improvement and suitability, crop upgradation, organic farming, irrigation and cultivation techniques, manures and pesticide testing, food processing techniques, dairy farming, floriculture, and horticulture.

  • * Practical Workplace for Students:
    The department of agriculture in Rabindranath Tagore University believes in offering practical knowledge to the students in courses like B.Sc. Agriculture in addition to the theory taught in classes. The ARC provides the students a workspace where they can practically perform the concepts studied in the classroom. The workspace is also available to the students for performing work on various projects.

  • * Multi Skill Centre:
    The ARC has been established to provide the farmers/youth from surrounding regions and students the know-how of latest agricultural techniques and machinery. Skilling is done for various aspects of agriculture like hay making, warm compost manure, silage making, crop cultivation, urea treatment, care and maintenance of milk animals, green house technologies, irrigation, horticulture, farm machine maintenance, and more.

  • * Technology Transfer:
    The ARC has been established as a nodal centre for the transfer of existing and latest technologies to the farmers along with consultancy services and establishes a help and information centre on all matters that are related to agriculture.

Activities in ARC

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