Core Research Funded projects
CRG Funded Ongoing Projects
S.No. Title of the Project PI Cost
1. Design & Development of Ecofriendly Pervious Concrete Blocks Dr. Shalini Yadav 2.5L
2. Setting up Environment Lab & Research Project on Parvati River Pollution Check Mr. SK Sharma 2.0L
3. Estimation of Pesticide in Fruits & Vegetables in Chhattisgarh Area Dr. Manish Upadhayay 2.5L
4. Setting up IOT Lab and development of a smart Lab and smart class room Dr. Preeti Maheshwari 1.7L
5. Development of an Innovative Solar system for Rural Application

Mr. Anurag S.D.Rai &
Ms. Rita Pawar

6. Master Slave Dual Axis Tracking System Proto type on one set of existing solar panel Mr. Shrikant Vaishnav 1.14L
7. Study on Financial Literacy in Youth Dr. Sangeeta Jauhari 1.5L
8. Development of a working model for vertical axis sail type wind mill for water pump in stand along mode Dr. SR Awasthi 0.75L
9. Micro grid Lab Project Dr. SR Awasthi 4.0L
10. Design and Development of Wind Solar Heat Power Supply System for 5KW Dr. SR Nigam 20L
11. Plag. check software project Dr. Sangeeta Jauhari 3.5L