Center for IoT & Advanced Computing A university's Center for IoT & Advanced Computing (CIoTAC) is headed by Dr. Rakesh Kumar Mittan. It is a specially designed division with an emphasis on the study, creation, and usage of advanced computing and Internet of Things (IoT) technologies. It supports the establishment of the university's IoT and advanced computing strategic direction. Identifying and promoting best practices as well as creating new projects and programs are all benefits. Objectives of the Center

  • To develop protocols, standards and systems for innovative and effective use of IoT in physical application.
  • Support IoT experiments to benefit research and help improving knowledge of IoT hardware and software infrastructure.
  • Build smart systems using IoT and advanced computing techniques for benefit of society.
  • To develop in to the first IoT training center for central India.

Projects Completed

1. Design and development of some prototype smart systems including Smart Dustbin, Attendance system, Fire Detection System and temp and humidity monitors system for agriculture application PI – Dr. Preeti Maheshwari. Project was funded by CRIG. 

2. Natural level training project for faculty. PI Dr. Preeti Maheshwari. Project was self-generating nature.

Ongoing Project Design and development of 6 prototype smart systems – Soap Dispenser, Mask Detector, Temp Controller, Water quality. Monitor and Smart bed. PI – Dr. Rakesh Mittan Project is funded by CRIG.

Patents Generated

1. IPR No. – 20172104069 Automated attendance system.

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