Research is generally perceived as a process of the collection of information, data, and their systemic analysis in order to increase understanding of the subject, find answers to some questions, or arrive at conclusions on a topic of interest. At RNTU, it is expected that successful research will lead to new knowledge, a new system, a new process, a new technology, or improved knowledge, process, system/technology. The outcome of research would also benefit society, as RNTU strongly feels that research should not only enrich knowledge and reach the library for the benefit of others, but the research outcome should also travel from lab to land and benefit the common man directly or indirectly.

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To promote research- and innovation-driven knowledge, build an environment for research, foster critical thinking among students and faculty in the university, and address pressing challenges in society through meaningful research and innovation.


To develop a culture of research and innovation amongst faculty members, researchers, and students at the university.To develop various centres of research excellence in emerging areas to address the problems of society and act to achieve sustainability goals through research.To invest in people, infrastructure, and resources to achieve and maintain the highest standards of excellence in research and innovation.To develop an environment and system for collaborative and multidisciplinary research in the university through an interdisciplinary, intra-disciplinary, inter-organisational, and multinational approach.To understand the problems and challenges faced by society and find viable solutions through systematic research, innovation, and technology transfer.To revisit the Indian knowledge system through research and innovation and rediscover the best of it for the betterment of society.

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Delve into a world of knowledge and discovery with our carefully curated collection of academic and research journals. From cutting-edge scientific breakthroughs to thought-provoking insights in various fields, our journals provide a platform for experts, scholars, and enthusiasts to stay updated on the latest developments and engage in intellectual discourse. Whether you're a seasoned researcher or a curious mind, our Journals Section offers a wealth of information to inspire, inform, and captivate. Anusandhan, a biannual journal of science, technology, and management and Shodhaytan, a biannual journal of arts, social sciences, education, paramedicine, and law.






CRIG (Core Research and Innovation Group) was established in 2017 to help develop research facilities and build up an environment for research, innovation, skill development, consultancy, and entrepreneurship in five AISECT Group universities. It proved t

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The purpose of the MoU is to develop strategic relationships with other universities, research organisations, and industries with specified objectives. RNTU emphasises active MoUs and collaborative projects to maintain strong relationships with other organizations. It has more than 140 MOUs and collaborations with national and international organizations. There are a large number of projects being done under these MoU’s that have resulted in products, patents, and documents and reports.
Research relationships with organisations under the MoU explore possible research collaborations with collaborative research modules in which researchers from both sides join hands to come up with project ideas. Additionally, there are some problem-specific research MoUs and collaborations to solve a research issue through mutual collaborations.


RNTU's journey in the realm of research awards has been a testament to its commitment to academic excellence and innovation. The university's distinguished faculty members and dedicated researchers have consistently been recognised for their significant contributions, propelling the institution to the forefront of scholarly recognition.
With each research award received, Rabindranath Tagore University continues to solidify its position as a hub of intellectual exploration, where researchers thrive, ideas flourish, and the spirit of inquiry remains steadfast. These awards symbolise the university's unwavering dedication to pushing the boundaries of knowledge and making a lasting impact on the world through research, innovation, and visionary leadership.

Awarded by DRDO for outstanding contributions to “Development of Pyrotechnic Metal Ceramic Composite Material for Smart Flare as an IR Countermeasure.

Name Of Awardee Title of the innovation Name of the Awardee Department
Dr. Balveer Singh Young Scientist Award 2022 Agricultural & Enviromental Technology Development Society (AETDS) Agriculture
Dr. Manohar Saryam Young Scientist Award Bon Bosco College of Agriculture, Sulcorna, Quepem, Goa Agriculture
Dr. Sharad Kumar Soni Research Excellence Award Scientific International Publishing House Civil Engineering
Dr. Sangeeta Jauhari GReWS Excellence Award 2023 Global Research & Welfare Society, Bhopal (M.P.) Humanities & Liberal Arts
Dr. Rajendra Gupta Reviewer Soft Computing Research Society, CS & IT
Rabindranath Tagore University, Bhopal Best Institute Award BSSS, Bhopal & NABARD RNTU
Dr. Rekha Gupta Shiksha Shree Award Society for Research in Education & Extension, Bhopal Education
Dr. Balveer Singh Hindustan Harit Kranti Award-2022 Hindustan Agricultural Research Welfare Society Agriculture
Mr.Naman Agrawal Best Paper Presentation Award MSME & APEDA -
Dr. Kusum Sharma Young Women Scientist Award Rajmat Vijayaraje Scindia Krishi Vishwa Vidyalaya Gwalior, M.P. Life Science
Dr. Kusum Sharma Young Women Scientist Award Rajmat Vijayaraje Scindia Krishi Vishwa Vidyalaya Gwalior, M.P. Life Science
Dr. Preeti Singh Best Paper Presentation Award Social Science & Management Welfare Association (Cell-Library Science). Radiant Group of Institution, Jabalpur, SRF Research Foundation & The Global Publisher Bengaluru, Karnataka Physical Science
Dr. Sangeeta Jauhari Innovative Educationist Award Madhya Pradesh Institute of Social Science Research(MPISSR) Humanities & Liberal Arts
Dr. Sarita Arya Research & Development Award Madhya Pradesh Institute of Social Science Research(MPISSR) Humanities & Liberal Arts
Dr. Sangeeta Jauhari Research and Innovation Award 2022 Madhya Pradesh Library Association Humanities & Liberal Arts
Dr. Purvee Bhardwaj Reviewer Award International Astronomy and Astrophysics Research Journal Physical Science


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