Enables comprehensive and effective medical education and research

The faculty has the authority to appoint committees specialising in different branches of medical sciences and related studies.

The faculty offers various programmes, including Nursing, Paramedical, Yoga, Public Health, catering to a diverse range of medical and health-related disciplines.

The faculty is empowered to carry out duties assigned by the university's Statutes and ordinances.

The Faculty of Medical Sciences was established in 2021 as a part of Rabindranath Tagore University, located in Raisen, Bhopal.



The faculty of medical sciences provides education related to patients, promotes health care research activities, and develops a health care hub that will cater to the genuine needs of the community. The faculty of medical sciences has a health care goal. The faculty of medical sciences is committed to achieving excellence in education, Clinical practise, Community service, and Research. The faculty of medical sciences is determined to remain a centre of excellence in the health care sector in every aspect. Year 2005 and became a constituent Unit of Peoples University in 2011. The idea behind this college was to provide medical education, promote health care, conduct research activities, and develop a healthcare hub that would cater to the genuine needs of the community. The provision of critical and ambulatory care to the poorest of the poor was the humble goal.


The Faculty of Medical Sciences is committed to becoming a leading Faculty with a dynamic culture of teaching and learning and a special commitment to patient care, Quality education, and research to serve society.


To excel in teaching, research, clinical care, and leadership and promote justice in the chosen fields while demonstrating compassion and commitment to serve society.

Key Highlights

Clinical Practise in Parent and Affiliated Hospitals
A separate Museum complete with various models, charts, posters, and specimens.
well-equipped laboratories with Advanced Mannequins and Simulators.
Computer and internet facilities in each staff room.
ICT-enabled classrooms


Rabindranath Tagore University signed MOUs with Universities, Institute, Centers like Family Planning Association of India. It often covers areas such as research collaboration, student exchange programs, joint academic initiatives, and resource sharing, fostering a mutually beneficial relationship that enhances educational, research, and outreach efforts for all parties concerned.