Highly qualified and experienced faculty members

Well-defined student mentoring process.

Proactive partnerships with leading institutions in India and abroad.

Superior infrastructure and well-equipped computing facilities.

Innovating through research and development (R&D).


The Department of Commerce offers undergraduate, postgraduate, and doctoral courses in Commerce.
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The Faculty of Commerce works to instil in its students' knowledge of the nature of contemporary business as well as a consciousness of new business prospects and the limitations within those opportunities. The economic growth of a nation is greatly influenced by commerce and education. Accounting, management, business law, taxation, business statistics, human resource management, entrepreneurial development, economics, and business studies are all combined in the study of commerce. The organisation expansion is facilitated by commerce, which also gives it direction and stability. The commerce stream provides various opportunities for employment and career advancement. The decision most often impacts the students' long-term professional path. Cost and management Accountant (CMA), chartered accountant (CA), company secretary (CS), certified financial planner (CFP), chartered financial analyst (CFA), financial risk manager, business analyst, investment and banking professionals are a few career opportunities in this industry.


Our vision is to be an innovative centre for quality education, emphasising research. We aim to equip students with knowledge and skills in their chosen fields while cultivating values of integrity, compassion, and respect. We strive to identify and develop students' hidden talents, empowering them to become future leaders and successful entrepreneurs.


Our mission is to provide quality education and cultivate entrepreneurial skills among students. We aim to meet the evolving demands for innovative professionals by emphasising research, offering training opportunities, and providing global exposure. Additionally, we strive to instil ethical values and a sense of social responsibility in our students, fostering their concern for society.

Key Highlights

Faculty offers in-depth mentoring inside/outside class.
Research-driven learning with essential infrastructure and SPSS.
Robust academic and research support infrastructure.
Proactively collaborate with universities, communities, colleges, and industries
Encourage education in bilingual languages.



The purpose of College MoUs with Industry can minimise the gap between learning and career opportunity. The industry has many new technology requirements, so industry-academic interaction plays a vital role in the placements. Support and career growth for the students. We have signed MoUs with the following Academic Institutes, and we would love to sign MOUs with more academic institutes that want to join hands with Arth Technology. MoUs between universities and institutions can be helpful to both organisations.