Engineering and Technology
Engineering and Technology

The Department of Engineering and Technology was established in RNTU, one of the top engineering colleges in M.P. to promote research and education in various fields of education like Computer Science, Electronics and Communication, Mechanical, Electrical and Electronics, and Civil with both B. Tech, and M. Tech. courses. The department continuously works to create a research oriented environment for academics that can be propagated with an inclusive and innovative leadership with an aim to achieve great heights in the development and application of technology in the various streams of engineering.

The Department of Engineering and Technology has established Rabindranath Tagore University as one of the best engineering colleges in Bhopal. It puts special focus on personalized and research- and skill-based training and education to the students with fully equipped labs, frequently conducted workshops, and more such facilities.

The Department, unlike many other engineering colleges in Bhopal, has strong links and collaborations with the corporate, industrial and other institutions at both national and international levels. The department has a 7 MoU’s with foreign universities in 15 countries. The focus of the university is always on effective learning and teaching system that includes project-based training and learning using the latest techniques and tools. At least one to two value addition Workshops/Training courses at departmental level and about 2-3 seminar/conferences at University level, ensure great exposure. Skill Academy in the University provides with excellent opportunity to learn minimum 4 skills during UG and 2 skills during PG courses.

RNTU, one of the top engineering colleges in Bhopal offers courses in various streams of engineering like:

Computer Science Engineering:

The department offers BE and M. Tech. in Computer Science Engineering to give an holistic education and training to the students in the field of C.S. and I.T. The courses cover various domains like high performing computing, security, soft computing, computer network, programming, software development, data mining, cloud computing, parallel processing, embedded system, and more.

Electronics and Communication Engineering:

The department offers BE in Electronics and Communication, M. Tech. in VLSI, and M. Tech. in Wireless and Mobile Communication to prepare students for a bright career in the field of electronics and communication engineering. The course cover various domains like design, development, and maintenance, of a large range of services and equipment.

Mechanical Engineering:

The department offers BE in Mechanical Engineering and M. Tech. in Thermal Engineering to prepare students for a bright career in their chosen field. The courses cover various domains like industrial machines and equipment, manufacturing system, heating and cooling system, robotics, weapon systems, transport systems, etc.

Electrical and Electronics Engineering:

The department offers Diploma in Electrical and Electronics, BE in Electrical and Electronics Engineering, and M. Tech. in Power Systems to increase the chances of employability and a bright future in their chosen field. The courses cover various domains like design and development of power systems and various electrical and electronic circuit, machines, and equipment.

Civil Engineering:

The department offers Polytechnic Diploma in Civil Engineering, BE in Civil Engineering, and M. Tech. in Civil Engineering to offer students to make their career in their chosen field. The course gives insights and detailed education in various aspects of civil engineering from design to construction, development to maintenance, and consultancy to management.

Prospective Career Choices:
After pursuing a degree in engineering you can go for the following job roles depending upon your stream:
  • • Biomedical engineer
  • • Quality control engineer
  • • R&D engineer
  • • Chemical engineer
  • • Petroleum engineer
  • • Civil engineer
  • • Commissioning engineer
  • • Planning engineer
  • • Structural engineer
  • • Electrical engineer
  • • Instrumentation engineer
  • • Transmission engineer
  • • Environmental engineer
  • • Agricultural engineer
  • • Compliance engineer
  • • Component engineer
  • • Nuclear engineer
  • • Manufacturing engineer
  • • Process engineer
  • • Production engineer
  • • Sales engineer
  • • Senior process engineer
  • • Automotive engineer
  • • Software engineer
  • • Hardware engineer, and more