Dynamic faculty members with a doctorate.

Student-centred learning.

Periodic review of curriculum to keep pace with changing technologies.

Emphasis on project, design, and laboratory skills.

Enhancement of scientific reasoning and ability.



A wide spectrum of programmes in the faculty of engineering and technology, paired with flexibility, experiential learning, and an interdisciplinary orientation, emancipate our students to explore their interests and pursue dream careers. The Faculty of Engineering is constantly working to groom students to be socially sensitive through intellectually challenging and contemporary diverse cultures. The faculty, unlike many other engineering colleges in Bhopal, has strong links and collaborations with corporate, industrial, and other institutions at both national and international levels. The Faculty has 7 MoUs with foreign universities in 15 countries. The focus of the faculty is always on an effective learning and teaching system that includes project-based training and learning using the latest techniques and tools. We regularly conduct value-added Workshops,Training courses, and seminars or conferences in the faculty of engineering and technology to ensure great academic and industrial exposure. The skill academy at the university provides an excellent opportunity to learn a minimum of four skills during UG courses and two skills during PG courses.


To nurture 21st-century innovative lifelong learners who are equipped with critical thinking, problem-solving skills, digital literacy, and social responsibility to become empathetic global citizens contributing to a sustainable world.


To redefine and revolutionise Indian Engineering Education by providing an ideal environment for research, innovation, consultancy, and entrepreneurship relevant to society. Offering programmes and courses in consonance with national policies for nation-building and meeting global challenges

Key Highlights

Enriched departmental & central libraries for academic & research support, along with strong infrastructure
Labs bridge theory with practical experience.
Partnerships enhance knowledge sharing with diverse entities
Emphasis on experiential learning for innovative teaching pedagogy.
Stimulating high-end technological research and analysis skills



Rabindranath Tagore University signed MOUs with Universities, Institute, Centers like Malla reddy college of engineering and technology Hyderabad, Centre of research industrial and staff performances, Bhopal. It often covers areas such as research collaboration, student exchange programs, joint academic initiatives, and resource sharing, fostering a mutually beneficial relationship that enhances educational, research, and outreach efforts for all parties concerned.