Inter departmental teaching also makes them more diversified & efficient academicians.

Project based training for the students gives them a deep insight of contemporary industry issues & an understanding of emerging trends.

We have skill based and ability enhancement courses because we focus on practical exposure of students and provide them applied knowledge rather than theoretical aspects.

Outhouse consultancy & income generation register our impactful presence in academics industry.

Learning communities & external lectures are developed to enhance learning and diversify students overall personality.


Fostering Global Management Excellence: Nurturing Innovation, Research, and Leadership at RNTU's Department of Management.
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Tagore Institute of Rural Management, a new initiative of RNTU, aspires to become the centre for excellence in developing a cadre of rural managers with managerial skill and leadership acumen through quality education with research orientation, driven by the circular economy, and creating new knowledge. It offers various programmes leading to certificates, diplomas, postgraduate diplomas, and undergrad and postgraduate programmes, besides a wide range of vocational skill-based courses.
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The Faculty of Management plays an important role in M.P. higher education and works to create future leaders and managers and enable them to make a difference with impeccable management in non-corporate and corporate sectors. It is also dedicated to inculcating professional ethics and human values in the students to help them make decisions and build paths in the direction of the overall progress of society. Highly efficient, qualified, research-oriented, and dedicated staff nurture students to become productive citizens of the country. It offers the most sought-after undergraduate, postgraduate, and doctoral programmes in Management. The The structure of the management studies in this department provides real, in-depth knowledge and practical know-how, expert guidance, a research- and skill-driven environment, and the most modern ICT-loaded learning facilities. All the management courses have an excellent blend of Concept building done in an effective manner.


To become a preferred centre of academic excellence in the field of business management. To provide value-based, research-oriented education and facilitate the holistic development of future performers who will contribute to the sustainable socio-economic growth of the nation.


To provide research-based learning with an analytical approach. To produce future performers as managers and entrepreneurs who will be responsible for the economic and social development of the nation. To impart up-to-date knowledge, skills, and hands-on training through academia-industry linkages. To inculcate ethical, social, and moral values in the students

Key Highlights

Periodic feedback system enables us for the continuous betterment.
Strong research based learning supported by the essential technical
Enriched departmental & central library for the academic.
Proactive partnerships with the other universities, communities, colleges, agencies.
We promote education in bilingual languages.