Tagore National School of Drama is the first such drama academy established by Rabindranath Tagore University, which is being operated by any private university. The establishment of Tagore National School of Drama took place in July 2021, and its first session was inaugurated on October 7, 2021, inthe presence of Devendra Raj Ankur, the former director of the National School of Drama and a pioneerof storytelling on the stage.The establishment of this drama academy was motivated by various objectives, such as fostering imagination and creativity among the youth, developing the process of artistic creation, and discovering talents in the remote regions for theatrical performances, and training and nurturing them professionally. With these multiple goals in mind, this drama academy was founded.


Acting, Craft Making

Holistic Production Design Education

Kalaripayattu and Kathakali Immersion

Guidance by National and International Experts

Comprehensive Play Production Training

Dynamic Film Production Education


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