Internship & Placement Policy-AISECT Group of Universities (AGU)

Purpose: The purpose of this policy is to ensure that placements and internships of registered students of AGU are guided by fair and consistent principles and sound administration so that there is a positive experience and outcome for all stakeholders.

Objectives of the Internship & Placement Policy

Establish a clear and transparent framework for the processes related to placements and internships of the students of AGU.

Ensuring the role and responsibility of the students participating in the placement and internship process.

Achieve placement off the maximum number of registered students

  • There is a provision of 100% Internship and Placement Assistance to each student of AGU subject to eligibility and performance of the student during the entire course of academic program.
  • All students who are eligible to participate in the placement session and wish to avail assistance of the Placement & Training cell in securing placement or internship are required to register themselves with the Training & Placement cell as per the notified schedule. The Training & Placement cell may monitor the information provided by the students throughout the placement process for any ambiguous/ wrong/ misleading/ fraudulent information. If any student is found involved in such practices, the student may be debarred from the placement process. In addition this may also lead to disciplinary action against the student.
  • Any student who willingly withdraws/ does not participate in the selection process after registering for it, without any valid reason, will be issued a warning on first such instance. However, if such instance is repeated, the student will be debarred from participating in the placement process till achievement of 70% placements in his/her branch. 
  • Every student of AGU will get an Internship opportunity in either of the last two semesters of the respective academic program. The duration of the internship will vary as per the requirements of the academic program and industry.
  • The T & P cell will publish the list of eligible students before the internship/final placement process. The eligibility criteria include academic performances of previous semesters, overall institutional discipline parameters and attendance. The list will be finalized in consultation with Head of the Department & Dean.
  • The students are not eligible to participate in the final placement process until they submit copy of internship certificate along with copy of Internship/OJT report to T & P Cell.
  • Pre-Placement Offers (PPOs) are to be routed only through the Training & Placement cell.  Any student receiving a PPO is required to report it immediately to the Training & Placement cell.
  • The students who have not registered for placement assistance from the institute can seek off-campus placements. However, students are highly encouraged to provide details of placement opportunities in the companies they are seeking to the Placement & Training cell, so that the company can be officially invited to the campus. Any off-campus placement offer to a student must be informed to the Placement & Training cell by the student immediately.
  • The Placement & Training cell is committed to provide support to the students of the institute for placement and internships. It will make all endeavors to invite and host, as many companies to the institute, for placement/internship as possible. In order to achieve this, a list of companies who have visited the institute in past for their recruitment drives shall be maintained at the Placement & Training cell. This list of companies as potential recruiters shall be constantly updated as and when required.
  • The Placement & Training cell shall start inviting companies for placement and internship drives from the beginning of the placement session.
  • Once the Placement & Training cell has received the campus/internship requirements from the interested company, the same will be announced using suitable medium (Notice Boards, Online Platforms, AGU Websites). Students are advised to go through the details of the company/ job profiles/ packages/ eligibility criteria. Students interested in participating in response to the announcement made by Training& Placement cell for the placement/ internship drive by a particular company will be required to register for the same in the stipulated time period (This registration is in addition to the student registration made by the students before the placement season and will be required to be done for each visiting company). Students, who have not registered for the placement drive for a company, shall not normally be considered at a later stage for that company.
  • The company can decide to choose a selection process as per their discretion, which may include any mix of pre-placement talk (PPT) written test (technical/ aptitude), group discussion, technical interview(s) and HR interview(s).
  • It is expected that the company will provide a list of finally selected students to the Training & Placement cell at the end of the day itself. In case further rounds of interviews are required to be held, the same should be communicated to the Placement & Training cell along with the list of short-listed candidates. The list of selected/short-listed students should be duly signed by the responsible authority or can be sent to tpo office from an official/ company email ID.

  • Once the offers are finalized, the company is required to send the offer letters to the Placement & Training cell. The Placement & Training cell will disseminate the offer letters to the selected students. The selected students will be required to accept the offer by signing the offer letter/acceptance letter in required format (if provided) and submit the same to the Placement & Training cell, which will forward it to the concerned company.

  • Companies and students are expected to be in communication with each other ONLY through authorized officials/ individuals from the Training & Placement cell and avoid direct contact during the placement drive except during the selection process.

  • AGU follows ‘One Student-One Job’ policy. Once a student is offered a job, he/she is not allowed to further participate in the placement process until the next offer is 50% more of previous one. The participating companies are thus expected to honour their commitments in this regard relating to packages, profile, location and other such information as informed in the Job Description.  Any downgrade from the stated information is strongly discouraged and will be dealt on a case-to-case basis by the Training & Placement Cell.

  • Students are expected to behave with the companies in a courteous manner and should not argue with the recruiters and maintain decorum even under extreme situations. If they face any behavioral issues/problems from the recruiter’s side, they should inform such issues/problems to the Training & Placement Cell.

  • If there is a misconduct incident reported against any student, appropriate disciplinary action may be initiated, including debarring from further participation in the placement process. In case of any dispute related to T & P process, (Student Perspective) the decision of the committee comprising of Dean, HOD & TPO should be considered as final.
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