Academic Council
Functions of Academic Council

Rabindranath Tagore University, Bhopal was established with an aim to aid the overall growth and development of the students and youth of the nation. The various initiatives and efforts are directed by the university in the upliftment of students from various economical, cultural, and social background. These initiatives are directed, planned, and executed by the governing body known as the Academic Council.

The Academic Council at RNTU was established as per clause 24(1) Madhya Pradesh Niji Vishwavidhyalaya (Sthapana Evam Sanchalan ) Adhiniyam 2007 with an aim to provide an efficient and effective framework for various university initiatives and on goings. The Academic Council is tasked with the design, development, and execution of the syllabus and curriculum of various courses offered by the university.

The Academic Council of Rabindranath Tagore University performs various functions like:

  • Promote research, teaching, and related activities within the university campus in addition to covering methods related to evaluation, instructions, etc. for the enhancement and improvement in academic standards.
  • To make recommendation for the conferment of diplomas, degrees, and certificates and other distinctions and university of honours based on the proposals received from different department and faculties.
  • To consider, plan, and execute various matters of general academic interest based on a reference made by a faculty or on its own accord and initiative.
  • To make proposals to the management about conducting various relevant scholarships, fellowships, medals, exhibitions, studentships, and prizes and to establish the rules for the various programs and awards.
  • To make recommendations to the management about the abolition or creation of academic and teaching posts.
  • To find expert faculties in their fields and appoint them as research co-supervisors/co-guides in various inter-disciplinary and disciplinary subjects and streams.
  • To identify and recognize degree, diplomas, and certificates from other institutions and universities and to establish their equivalence.
  • To structure and approve the syllabus of different subjects and courses submitted by the faculties and departments.
  • To check and approve the eligibility criteria required by students for admission to several programmes that are offered by the different departments.
  • To create and approve the Academic Calendar.
  • To take care of all the tasks and projects related to academics, practical, education, and training.
The Academic Council has helped establish RNTU as one of the best Bhopal college. It comprises some of the best minds in their respective fields with a respectable industry experience to back their credentials.

Sr. No. Name Designation  
1 Dr. Bramh Prakash Pethiya Vice Chancellor Chairman
2 Prof. P.K.Verma Regulatory Commission Nominee Member
3 Prof. Kamlesh Mishra Regulatory Commission Nominee Member
4 Prof. V.K.Verma Chancellor’s Nominee Member
5 Prof. A.S.Zadgaonkar Chancellor’s Nominee Member
6 Dr. Anurag Seetha Chancellor’s Nominee Member
7 Shri Amitabh Saxena Chancellor’s Nominee Member
8 Shri Ajay Choubey Chancellor’s Nominee Member
9 Dr. Basant Kumar Singh Principal & Dean Member
10 Dr. Sanjeev Kumar Gupta Professor Member
11 Dr. Shriram Nigam Professor Member
12 Dr. Deepti Maheshwari Dean (Comm.) Member
13 Dr. Neha Mathur Dean (Mgmt.) Member
14 Dr. Rekha Gupta Dean (Edu.) Member
15 Dr. Pratima Gautam Professor & Dean (IT) Member
16 Dr. Sangita Pathak HOD (Arts) Member
17 Dr. C.P.Mishra Professor & Dean Member
18 Mr. Ashish Chouhan HOD (EC) Member
19 Mr. Vinay Yadav HOD(ME) Member
20 Dr. Shalini Yadav HOD (CE) Member
21 Mr. Mukesh Kumar HOD(CSE) Member
22 Mr. Irfan Khan HOD (EEE) Member
23 Dr. Neetu Paliwal HOD (Physics) Member
24 Dr. Pragya Shrivastav Dean (Science) Member
25 Dr. Kaustubh Jain HOD (Commerce) Member
26 Dr. Sangeeta Jauhari HOD (Mgmt.) Member
27 Ms. Neha Prasad HOD (IT) Member
28 Dr. Ritu Kumaran Professor & HOD (English) Member
29 Dr. Manoj Pathak Professor & HOD (Phy. Edu.) Member
31 Dr. Vijay Singh Registrar Member Secretary