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International Student Cell

International Student Cell (ISC)

Cell Composition

Cell Head - Dr. Ritu Kumaran

E-mail ID -

Alternative Contact - Dr. Vijay Singh

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Facilities :

  1. Information Source. ISC is well equipped to provide all information right from options about courses and programmes available in the University to details about syllabus, career options etc.
  2. Travel Assistance. ISC provides all kind of assistance for VISA, foreign currency and details of routes and options.
  3. Hostel Accommodation. The university has reserved a block of rooms for international students. Room in this block has facilities to cater to the needs of foreign students like small kitchenette, AC and WiFi internet.
  4. Counseling & Communication. Students from some of the countries have problem as regard to communication skill and especially English language ISC organises special language classes for international students. It provides counseling session to international students.
  5. Remedial Classes. ISC organises Remedial Classes for international students in subject where they need extra coaching.
  6. Cultural/Social & Sporting Facilities. ISC organises participation of international students in cultural/social & sports events in the University.