All You Need To Know About Higher Education In M.P

Higher Education In M.P

All You Need To Know About Higher Education In M.P

Very often, higher education is a distant dream for a lot of students. The department of higher education at Rabindranath Tagore University aims to make that dream a reality for all students. It is very important to pursue higher education from a reputed university after completing the higher secondary examinations.

Choosing the right university or college does not only ensure a brighter future in terms of career but also frames an individual’s mind. RNTU is one of the most reputed universities in Bhopal, and hence would be an excellent choice for any student aspiring for higher education.

The MP online scholarship portal is a website that provides a perspective to the student about all the information related to colleges and universities in MP, their admission policies, academic courses and all of the facilities provided to students at the university.

The basic objective of having all the information in one portal is so that students can get all the information regarding graduate, postgraduate and other courses in one place.

Having all of the information in one place helps the student make a calm and collective decision about which course and university they would like to opt for. All of the universities listed on the portal are very well reputed.

This education portal only has the names of colleges that are approved by the government and are recognized by AICTE, NCTE, 2(F) of the UGC Act, BCI, INC, etc. that are mandatory requirements for establishing a college.

You also have the ability to check the NAAC SSR score of several colleges. To get a better understanding of the courses and all the details, you can browse through the websites of all the universities and then make a decision about which one to choose.

RNTU Bhopal is one of the universities that is listed. It is India’s first skill-based university that offers 55 skill training courses, along with UG, PG and certificate courses in regular and distance modes.

Courses in both technical and non-technical streams can be pursued. RNTU also has 7 skill based academies that provide around 55 skill-based courses.

RNTU uses a combined methodology for imparting education, combining traditional lecture and textbook-based education, with smart classes and e-learning, along with practical knowledge and training provided to the students.

The faculty is highly experienced and knowledgeable. This makes sure that every student gets the best subject knowledge in whichever course they opt for.


Every individual has the constitutional right to education and yet many people do not get the chance to fulfil this right due to circumstances that are beyond their control.

Scholarships are meant to help people who wish to study further and yet do not have the means to do so. Very often, students have to give up their studies to take up odd jobs to support their families, and this keeps them away from fulfilling their dreams.

Scholarship programs can help these underprivileged students by providing them with financial assistance to make higher education accessible to all. The government of MP has several schemes in place to ensure this assistance, like the ‘Siksha Mitra Scholarship’ program to provide monetary aid to the meritorious students, students belonging to SC/ST/OBC class and also to its faculty who wants to pursue PhD, which is run by RNTU.

You can go through the website for more information.

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