Is distance education a better option ?

Distance Education

Is distance education a better option ?

With every single aspect of life now being online due to the global crisis we are facing, a lot of people have been wondering if distance education is a better option than regular college. Distance education is important because it gives students the opportunity to complete their educational qualification without being physically present on campus. There has been a rise in popularity of distance education due to virtual classrooms and e-learning facilities. Distance education courses today have a more technological approach, whereas traditional distance education was about the correspondence between the universities and students via post.

At Rabindranath Tagore University, a student has the option to choose between distance education and regular education as both are provided for all the courses. Massive open online courses or MOOCs have led to students participating and interacting on a large scale due to the world wide web or network technology. This is one of the recent developments in the field of distance education. Some words that are used synonymously with distance learning include virtual learning, e-learning and distributed education.

The coronavirus pandemic led to most educational institutions being shut down. This led to an increase in schools and other educational institutions shifting to a remote learning environment through virtual classrooms. So we can say for sure that distance learning is here to stay even after the pandemic ceases.

RNTU is one of the most esteemed universities that offer distance education in Bhopal. The admission for these courses is open twice every year, once in January and once in July. They are both two separate batches. Admission forms for the courses have to be submitted along with a demand draft. In case the payment is being made online, it can be made via credit or debit cards. A student can enrol for one course at a time. If you want more information regarding enrolling, do visit the website. The option for distance education is provided for all the major courses like MBA, Arts, Commerce, B.Sc and Journalism. Some of the most popular courses that students opt for online include BBA and MBA.

Examinations for distance education are held at centres that are predetermined by the university itself.

Here are some of the benefits of distance education.

  • The student can go back to sections he or she failed into. This is something that regular learning does not provide to students. There is ample room for revisions in distance learning.
  • As not every student has the same learning pace and style, distance education gives students the freedom to learn at their own pace. This is one factor that is largely ignored in classroom instruction.
  • Distance learning is readily available due to technological advancements.

Distance learning has its own set of challenges, like the physical classrooms provide students with a structured learning environment, whereas, at home, they can ignore structure. This can hamper a student’s professional development. This is one of the drawbacks of distance learning. Students without access to proper internet connections can miss out on learning opportunities if the world decides to adopt distance education over traditional methods of learning. Keeping both the advantages and disadvantages in mind, a mix of both forms of education seems like the best way to move forward after the pandemic is over.

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