Paramedical Courses : What are the benefits?

Paramedical Courses

Paramedical Courses : What are the benefits ?

The medical field is one of the most desired fields for students to get into. Every kid at some point in their lives dreams of becoming a doctor. There is always an increasing demand for healthcare professionals, which pushes students to opt for this field as a career path. The job provides the satisfaction of saving lives, respect, and a decent income, which is why students opt for physiotherapy colleges in Bhopal.

While being a doctor may be the most popular choice amongst the students, there are many other career options available within the healthcare stream. The courses required for these career choices can be completed a lot quicker than that of becoming a doctor. A paramedical course is just what a student should pursue if they are interested in the healthcare field, as it would get them the hospital job that they desire. Paramedical courses help a student get a job in the healthcare sector in some of the most reputed hospitals in the country.

Rabindranath Tagore University has established the department of paramedical studies to produce highly qualified paramedical practitioners across the globe. The course curriculum aims to combine traditional knowledge with modern practices in the field of paramedical studies making it stand out from all the top paramedical colleges in Bhopal.

The faculty at RNTU is dedicated to imparting knowledge and ensuring excellence in the learning process. Here is some information about the program offered by the paramedical department at RNTU

Bachelor of Physiotherapy (B.P.T)
Duration: 4 years

The paramedical course duration is four years and a student can pursue after completing their 10+2 examinations with a minimum of 50% and having physics, chemistry, and biology as subjects. Some of the subjects covered in the duration of the course are Orientation to Physiotherapy, Basic of Nursing, Electrotherapy, Pharmacology, Clinical Observation Posting, Biomechanics, Microbiology, First Aid & CPR and many more.

Expected outcomes from the course:

The course aims to provide students with a comprehensive understanding of the concepts of physiotherapy so that they treat the patient in the best possible way.

By the time they are done with the course, the student

  • Would demonstrate a good understanding of physiotherapy
  • Have the ability to integrate practical knowledge with the theoretical
  • Develop the ability to collect patient history, perform clinical assessments and assign the right kind of recovery exercises to the patient
  • Would have the ability to make clinical decisions and provide efficient patient care
  • Develop good communication skills to be able to effectively communicate with the patients and their families.
  • Promote knowledge and learning of physiotherapy amongst patients to promote a better quality of life
  • Take part in learning activities throughout life

Future Prospects:

After completion of the course, the student can work in professional settings like hospitals, rehabilitation centers, special schools, health and fitness centers, geriatric centers, sports management, and more as physiotherapists, researchers, lecturers, and home care physiotherapist.

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