The Profession Of Knowledge

The Profession Of Knowledge

The Profession Of Knowledge

Teaching has been considered to be one of the noblest career choices, as there is nothing more important than passing on knowledge. Learning is a constant process in life, there is no end to it. One must continue to learn throughout their lives in order to keep growing. Teaching is a field that encourages learning because as a teacher one must continue to impart knowledge so that people can evolve and grow in their lives.

Rabindranath Tagore University has a B.Ed. course for all the aspiring teachers out there. One can opt for both full time and part-time B.Ed. courses. These courses are meant for training and guiding aspiring teachers with all the knowledge and skills they would need to become successful in the teaching profession.

RNTU recognizes the fact that teaching is a very popular career choice and places as much importance on this course as any other undergraduate or master’s program. Education adds dimension to an individual’s personality and shapes their entire outlook towards life, which is why the right kind of education is very important. This makes B.Ed. an even more important course.

B. Ed. is not an undergraduate course. One can pursue B.Ed. once they have completed graduation in any other bachelor’s degree course. It is a professional course that is mandatory for anyone who wishes to become a teacher in any educational institution, be it public or private. The B.Ed. course enables one to become a teacher in any class, starting from pre-nursery to senior secondary schools.

Some important aspects taught in B.Ed include:
  • Communication skills
  • Organizational skills
  • The learning graph for different types of students
  • Modern teaching practices
  • Critical thinking
  • Problem-solving skills

The department at RNTU makes sure that each and every student is trained to handle every challenge that comes their way as a teacher. The students are taught to make theoretical lectures more engaging and also taught how to keep practical sessions informative and fun at the same time.

B. Ed. is a professional degree with a duration of two years. Each year is divided into two semesters, the total number of semesters amounting to four semesters. The course is designed to train aspiring teachers in the practical and theoretical aspects of all the subjects related to teaching practices. The course enables aspiring teachers to handle classrooms that have students belonging to different backgrounds, socio-economic conditions, linguistic, and cultural differences. They are also taught how to handle students who have different learning abilities. It is really important for B.Ed. aspirants to understand that each student has different abilities when it comes to learning and creates a safe learning environment for each student to learn, think, and reason while teaching them.

Career Prospects:

After completing B.Ed. one can teach in any public or private school in the country. One can also appear for examinations like CTET, APTET, TSTET, or UGC NET in order to become an assistant professor at a university in the country.

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