Why Agriculture Is A Good Career Choice In India

Agriculture Is A Good Career Choice In India

Why Agriculture Is A Good Career Choice In India

India is the largest producer of food staples like wheat and rice. India also produces a large number of dry fruits, tuber crops, agricultural textile raw materials, farmed fish, eggs, just to name a few.

About 58% of India relies on agriculture as a means of livelihood and work. Agriculture and its allied activities make up for a large part of the workforce. The food industry in India is growing steadily every year, which increases its contribution to the world food trade.

Demographically, agriculture is still the largest economic sector and contributor to the country’s GDP. Indian agricultural and horticultural produce is supplied to over 120 countries all over the world. This includes Southeast Asian countries, SAARC countries, USA and European Union countries.

India has immense progress in food security in the years after independence. While the population of the country may have increased, this has not impacted agricultural productivity.

To ensure that the increase in agricultural productivity never suffers, there is a need for more human resources in the field. There have been times when India has had food shortages, but the developments like green, blue and white revolution have made sure that it does not happen again.

Education in the field of agriculture is especially important for a country like India. A lot of people think that agriculture is related to farming. This is not entirely true, as agriculture also involves other aspects like animal husbandry, fishery management, horticulture and milk production.

Due to the recognition of agriculture as an important sector, universities have included agriculture as a part of their curriculum. Rabindranath Tagore University is one such institution in Bhopal. Out of the many agriculture colleges in Bhopal, RNTU stands out because of its flexible and varied curriculum.

The course is updated on a regular basis, to incorporate all the latest development taking place in the agriculture sector. Along with all the traditional practices associated with agriculture, there is a lot of focus on newer technologies.

Some of the important sections covered in the course include agricultural marketing, principles of agricultural economics, agricultural finance, just to name a few.

To be eligible for this course, students must have completed their 10+2 examinations in the science stream, having biology and mathematics as subjects for sure. The duration of the course at this MP agriculture university is three years.

What kind of careers does a student have after completing this course from an agriculture college in India?

The agricultural industry always has a requirement of professionally qualified students, which is why opting for an agriculture college in Bhopal is such a good idea.

After receiving the degree, you can apply for jobs in both the private and the public sector, as there are several job opportunities in both the sectors that pay well.

A student has opportunities in fields such as horticulture, poultry farming, animal husbandry, dairy farming and food production. They are also employed in hotels and resorts as landscapers. A student also has the option to start his or her own business.

Higher education like M.Sc. in agriculture provides students with more specialized education and a higher pay scale.

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