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UGC Circulars
UGC Circulars
S. No. UGC Circular Shared by IQAC to the concern Dept. Custodiun Dept D.O.No.F. Date of Circular Link Related to Student/Facutly/Other
It has Been decided to obserb 11th december, the Janma Jayanti of mahakavi Subramania Bharati, as 'Bhartiya Bhasha Diwas'. 2023 All UTD's D.O.No.F.1-11/2022(Bhartiya Bhasha Diwas) 22/09/2023 View Faculty/Students
The UGC respectfully urges the inclusion of the NAI depository link on the Resourse Page Registrar Office D.O.F.No.1-3/2022(QIP) 21/09/2023 View Other
G20 University Connect event on 26th September 2023. Registrar Office D.O.No.2-56/2023(CPP-II) 21/09/2023 View Other
Jeevan Raksha padak Series of Award 2023 D.O.No.2-27/2023(CPP-II) 06/09/2023 View Other
Display of Aadhaar Number o provsional Certificates and degrees Issued By University. Registrar Office D.O.No.2-53/2023(CPP-II) 01/09/2023 View Other
Announcement of examination Dtae for Swayam course Offered in january and july 2023 semester. All UTD's No.F.1-8/2017(Swayam Board) 28/08/2023 View Faculty/Students
Chandrayan -3 Mission Dean Academics D.O.No.2-52/2023(CPP-II) 21/08/2023 View Student
Celebration of Swakchata Pakhwada. DSW D.o.No.2-50/2023(CPP-II) 21/08/2023 View Student
List of MOOcs Currently Offered by UGC, NPTEL, IGNOU, CEC, IIM-B on Swayam Platform . DR- Academics F.No.1-8/2017(Swayam Board) 11/08/2023 View Student
Draft Guidelines and Curriculum Framework for Environment Educations at udergraduate Level. Dean Academics No.F.1-2/2023(Env.Edu) 02/08/2023 View Faculty
Festival of Libraries. Chief Librarian D.O.No.2-41/2023(CPP-II) 01/08/2023 View Student
IKS HRDC. Centre of IKS RNTU D.O.NO. 5-712023 (HRDC/IKS) 13/07/2023 View Student
Nomination Letter To Register In short Term Training Program on IKS. Registrar Office 13/07/2023 View Other
Short Video Copmetetion DSW Fl - 2/202 (RaibhaSha/NEP) 08/07/2023 View Student
Delivery of services related to Higher Education lnstitutions (HEIS) through slakh Common Service Centre (CSCs) of Ministry of Electronics and lnformation Technology (MeitY) in rural lndia. Vice Principal Eng. D.O.F.No.1-23I2022 07/07/2023 View Other
Registration Open for Four MOOCs on "Buddhist Culture and Tourism" for July 2023 Semester on SWAYAM Platform DR- Academics F.No.1-8/2017(SWAYAM Board) 06/07/2023 View Faculty
International Yoga day Paramedical DO No. 2-36/2023 (CPP-II) 06/07/2023 View Faculty/Students
Clarification on UGC Regulations on Minimum Qualifications and for appointment of teachers and other academic staff in universities and colleges and measures for the maintenance of standards in higher education, 2018 and I" & 2"d Amendments HR Dept No.F.9-42/ 2023(PS/Misc .j 06/07/2023 View Other
Digital Payment Accounts / Registrar Office D.O.No.2-3112023(Cpp-il) 04/07/2023 View Other
Regarding Central Sector Scheme *Pradhan Mantri Uchchatar Shiksha Protsahan" (PM-USP) Dean Academics D.O.No.2-30/2o23(CPP-II) 04/07/2023 View Faculty
Shiksha Sankalp' an online e-pledge Dean Academics D.O.No.2/40/2023(CPP-II) 03/07/2023 View Faculty
NEP, 2O2O Dean Academics F.1-1/2o23(Secy) 03/07/2023 View Faculty
YUVA PRATIBHA -Singning And Painting Talent Hunt Humanities D.O.No.2-37/2023 (CPP-II) 03/07/2023 View Faculty/Students
Department of higher education is organized a short vedio Competition Dean Academics F.1-1/2023 03/07/2023 View Faculty
Skilled Manpower -Advanced Research and Training (SMART)facility set up at NIELIT, Calicut as Chip to Start -up (C2S) Programme -Regarding CRIG/IQAC 26/06/2023 View Faculty
Organizing Y20 Yuva Mamnthan G20 DSW D.O.No.f.1.14/2023(e.Gov/y20) 20/06/2023 View Students
National award to Teacher ,2023 Dean Academics D.O.No.2-/43/2023 (CPP-II) 18/06/2023 View Faculty
Guidellines For Translations Of Books Into Indian Language Humanities D.o.No.1-2/2023(Bahrtiya Bhasha ) 13/06/2023 View Faculty
Accessitrility and Benefits from the Use of Parliament Library. Library D.O.No.2-24l2o23(CPP-II) 10/06/2023 View Students
Guidelines for introducing courses based on Indian Heritage and culture Humanities F1/ 2/2022〔RaibhaSha/NEP) 08/06/2023 View Students
Youth Parliament programme. Law & NSS No.F.9-4212023(PS/Misc) 06/06/2023 View Students
Jan Bhagidari'events during India's G 20 Presidency Dean Academics D.O.NO.2-36-2023(CPP-II) 06/06/2023 View Faculty
Regarding participation in p.N. panicker National Month Reading Day/ Reading Celebrations 2o23 IQAC D.O.No.2-34/2023(Cpp-II) 06/06/2023 View Other
Sexual Harasment of The Women WDC D.o.No.F.91.3./2020 05/06/2023 View Faculty
Elieibilitv criteria for promotion under CAS in terms of Guidine Ph.D. Scholars. Ph.D Department No.F.9-1-2020(PS/MISC.) 03/06/2023 View Other
Jan Bhagidari" events during India's G20 Presidency. IQAC F.No. 1-5/2023 (PS) 26/05/2023 View Other
Implementation of Guidelines for Gender Champions in Educational Institutions. WDC D.O.No.F.91-1-2023(GS) 26/05/2023 View Students
UGC notifies Regulations Ph.D Department RNTU DO No.F.1- 30/2023 (NEP) 22/05/2023 View Students
NEP 2020 (NEP SARTHI) Students DSW D.O.F.No.l-5/2019(QIP-SIP) 22/05/2023 View Students
Tele MANAS- a toll free mental health helpline to provide support and assistance to people stmggling with mental health issues. Humanities / Mental health Centre D.O.No.2-25/2023(CPP-II) 22/05/2023 View Faculty/Students
Inviting nominations for National Awards for e-Governance (NAeG) Registrar Office D.O. No.1/04/2021( 22/05/2023 View Faculty
Posts of Yuva Sangam,Mo DSW & T and P D.O.No.1-29/2023 18/05/2023 View Student
UTSAH ( Undertaking Transformative Strategies and Actions in Higher Education)portal IQAC/VC Office D.O. No.1/29/2023(UTSAH) 18/05/2023 View Faculty
Activities to be undertaken by HEls in the run-up to World Environment Faculty of Science D.O.No. l - l /2023(FlnvirEdu/part filc) 16/05/2023 View Faculty
Implementation of Guidelines on Mulya Pravah 2.0 - Inculcation of Human Values and Professional Ethics in Higher Education lnstitutions Humanities F . No 2-1212021(MulyaPravah) 12/05/2023 View Faculty
National Higher Education Qualifications Framework (NHEQF) Dean Academics D.O.F.No.15/2/2021(QIP) 11/05/2023 View Faculty
Broadcasting of Hon'ble Prime Minister's Address on the occasion of National Technology Dean Academics D.O.No. l-l/2023(SECY) 10/05/2023 View Faculty
Guidelines for introducing courses based on Indian Heritage and culture NEP Committee D.O.No. F. 01-04/2023(QlP) Sustainable Development Goals 09/05/2023 View Faculty
Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) Dean Academics D.O.No. F. 01-04/2023(QlP) 09/05/2023 View Faculty
National Students Paryavaran Competition (NSPC) DSW D.o.No.2-2 I /2023(CPP-l I) 08/05/2023 View Faculty
Stay Safe Online Campaign DSW D.O.No. 1-5/2023(e.Gov) 04/05/2023 View Students
Organizing Clcling Event on World Bicycle Day, 2023 DSW D.O.No.2/33/2023(CPP-II) 02/05/2023 View Students
National Higher Education Qualifications Framework (NHEQF) Dean Academics D.O.F.No.15-2/2021(QIP) 20/04/2023 View Students
Requesting Higher Education Institutions to provide feedback on the Agencies/Vendors empaneled by UGC for Multimedia Related Works for SWAYAM Project. DR- Academics D.O.F. No.1-9/2020(SWAYAM/Multimedia) 18/04/2023 View Faculty
Seeking comments/suggestions/feedback on Draft Guidelines for Equitable Opportunity to the Socio-Economically Disadvantaged Groups (SEDGs) in HEIs. Management/DSW F.No.6-2/2022(SCT) 17/04/2023 View Faculty/Students
Yuva Utsav -India - 2047 DSW D.O.No.2.20/2023(CPP-II) 31/03/2023 View Students
Sardar Patel National Unity Award Registrar Office F.No. 1-16/2021 (website) 25/03/2023 View Faculty
Closure Of Online Complaint Handling Mechanism (CHM)Portal Given Adoption of e.Samadhan portal For resolution Of grievances. Registrar Office F.No.12-1-2022(DEB-IV)Pt.Fl. 20/03/2023 View Other
lnclusion ofa chapter on sickle cell disorders in the chapter in curricula. Nursing / Paramedical D.O.No.24-9/2022(CPP-II) 20/03/2023 View Faculty
Jal Shakti Abhiyan (JSA): Catch The Rain 2023 Faculty of Science D.O.No.2-19-2022(CPP-II) 04/03/2023 View Faculty
Clarifications Regareding the Eligible Criteria for CAS Promotions of University Teachers from Academic Level 12 to Academic Level 13A and Academic Level 13a to Academic Level14 Dean Academics NO.F.9-1/2020(PS/Misc) 02/03/2023 View Faculty
MOOCs to be offered by UGC, CEC, IIM-B, NPTEL, and IGNOU on the SWAYAM Platform for January Semester 2023. DR- Academics F.No.1-B/2017(SWAYAM Board ) 02/03/2023 View Faculty
Republic Day Celebrations 2023 -Military Tattoo and Tribal Dance Event DSW D.O.No.2-1/2023(CPP-II) 01/03/2023 View Students
Stay Safe Online Campaign During India's Presidency of G20 CSE / CS & IT / NSS D.O.No.1-42/2022(e.Gov) 01/03/2023 View Faculty/Students
PM-YUVA Mentorship Scheme for Young Authors (YUVA)2.0 DSW D.o.No.2-96/2022(CPP-II) 01/03/2023 View Students
Opening of the Gardens of Rastrapati Bhawan During Udyan Utsav, 2023 Registrar Office D.O.No.2-10/2023(CPP-II) 14/02/2023 View Other
Register Shodhganga In Ph.d For Higher Educations . Dean Academics/Research & development Cell D.o.No.2-110/2022(CPP-II) 01/02/2023 View Faculty
Nari Shakti Puraskars WDC D.O.No.2-7/2023(CPP-II) 01/02/2023 View Students
NEP 2020 Recommendation on Adult Education 'New India Literacy Progmrame(NILP)' Dean Academics D.O.No.2-2/2023 (CPP-II) 27/01/2023 View Faculty
"Issues Relating to Broadcasting and distributing services by central Government Ministries /Department/ State Government and other Insttitions /bodies. Registrar Office D.O.No.2-105/2022(CPP-II) 25/01/2023 View Other
Adopt a tourist destination and carry out the activities stipulated in the concept DSW D.No.2-103/2022(CPP-II) 25/01/2023 View Students
यूनिवर्सिटी कनेक्ट कार्यक्रम के संबंध में सलाह DSW D.o.No.12-1/2022(IC) 23/01/2023 View Students
Pariksha pe charcha -2023 Dean Academics / Exam D.o.No.14-1/2019(CPP-II) 19/01/2023 View Faculty
Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) for Republic Day Celebrations in all the Schools/colleges of the country DSW D.O.No.2-6-/2023(CPP-II) 18/01/2023 View Students
UGC letter regarding: Implementation of Guidelines on "Fostering Social Responsibility & Community Engagement in Higher Education Institutions in India 2.0 Dean Academics D.O.No.F.1-4-/2018(UBA) 29-12/2022 View Faculty
Development of Nagar Vans/ Vatikas under the Nagar Van Yojna NSS and DSW office D.O.NO.2-106/2022(CPP-II) 27/12/2022 View Faculty/Students
Implementations of Academic Bank of Credits (ABC) At the University Level Dean Academics D.O.NO.1/51/2022(ABC/CU) 26/12/2022 View Faculty
Biologcal Research Regulatory Approval Portal (BIORRAP) Faculty of Science D.O.No.2-92/2022(CPP-II) 26/12/2022 View Faculty
Clarifications Regareding the Eligible Criteria for CAS Promotions of University Teachers from Academic Level 12 to Academic Level 13A and Academic Level 13 Ato Academic Level 14 Dean Academics No.F.9-1/2020(PS/Misc.) 23/12/2022 View Faculty
Veer Baal Diwas -Azadi Ka Amritmahotsav DSW D.O.No.2-107/2022(CPP-II) 23/12/2022 View Students
Guidelines for Training of Faculty Indian Knowledge System (IKS) Centre of IKS RNTU F.1-9/2022(IKSinstiatives) 14/12/2022 View Faculty
Har Ghar Dhyan Campaign. Yoga Department D.O.No.2-102/2022(CPP-II) 24/11/2022 View Student /Faculty
Aware the Sexual Harrassment of Women At Workpace (Prevention,Prohibitionand Redressal) WDC D.o.No.91-5/2021(GS) 22/11/2022 View Student /Faculty