Programme overview

The Bachelor of Science is a three-year graduate programme that covers physics, chemistry, mathematics, Forensic science, and other fundamental subjects with skill courses. After the completion of the B.Sc. degree, there are various options available for the science students: they can go for a Masters in Science, further higher education through research, or even professional job-oriented courses. Students are also recruited directly by eminent MNCs in the drug and Pharmacy sectors and can do preparation to join Respective Forces, Aeronautics, Bank POs and clerical exams, SSC, IFS, UPSC, State and Level exams, Research Labs, Teaching, Higher Education jobs, etc.

  • 2 Years

    Duration of Program

  • PG

    Level of Study

Key Highlights

Understand and learn appropriate techniques, resource advancement, and modern technology in a multid
Implications of subject and practical knowledge to design experiments, analyse, observe, and interpr
Gain knowledge of chemistry and physics through theory and practicals. To explain the nomenclature,
Can be able to Use modern tools, Models, Chem-draws, charts, and equipment in chemistry, physics, ma
Develop research-oriented skills in various sciences and become aware of and handle the sophisticate

How will you benefit

Personal development and increased knowledge.
Job opportunities in research and development fields
Free to expand to other fields.

What will you study

Scientific Tools and Techniques

Forensic Analysis

Mathematical Modelling

Physical and Chemical Concepts

  • Prepare students for pursuing careers in research, higher education, or the mathematical sciences and allied fields; inculcate critical thinking to carry out scientific investigation objectively with modern mathematical tools.
  • To develop various skills to analyse numeric problems, how do you formulate a hypothesis? Then evaluate and verify the results and extract appropriate conclusions.
  • To cop up professional activities and deal with refined standards of implicational approaches in mathematical sciences
  • To create awareness, develop the temperament for doing doctoral research, and serve society through the magic of mathematics all around us.

  • Provide knowledge of the wide range of mathematical techniques and the application of mathematical methods and tools in other scientific, technical, engineering, and statistical domains
  • Understand the fundamental axioms in mathematics in various streams like algebraic topology, statistics, trigonometry, number theory, probability, etc.
  • Enrich and skill the students in pure mathematics and representation theory that are interlinked with other physical science subjects like physics and chemistry.
  • Good understanding of the number theory system and modern online cryptographic technologies.
  • Enhances problem-solving skills, critical thinking, and creativity through various mathematical modelling tasks.


  • Chemistry I- Fundamentals of chemistry-I (Major Sub I)
  • Forensic Science I- Criminal Investigation & Law-I (Major Sub I)
  • Mathematics I- Algebra
  • Vector Analysis and Geometry-I (Major Sub I)
  • Physics I- Thermodynamics & Statistical Physics-I (Major Sub I)
  • Chemistry II- Analytical Chemistry-I(Minor Sub II)
  • Forensic Science II- Introduction to Forensic Science & Criminalistics(Minor Sub II)
  • Mathematics II- Calculus and Differential Equations-I(Minor Sub II)
  • Physics II-Mechanics & general Properties of Matter-I(Minor Sub II)
  • Domestic Data Entry Operator (Sub (III))
  • Introduction to Financial Accounting with Tally (Sub (III))
  • Digital Marketing (Sub (III))
  • Entrepreneurship Development (AEC)


Researcher, scientist, or analyst
Forensic Expert
Cybersecurity expert
DNA finger-print expert


Eligibilty Criteria

12th in Science stream

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