Programme overview

A Doctor of Philosophy in Soil Science and Agricultural Chemistry is a minimum 3-year programme. It includes the study of soil formation, classification, and mapping, as well as the physical, chemical, biological, and fertility properties of soils. This course provides knowledge about developing sustainable and manageable agricultural production strategies. It also concentrates on soil significance and importance as well as sustainable resources.

  • 3 Years

    Duration of Program

  • Doctorate

    Level of Study

Key Highlights

Centre for Agricultural Research and Experimental Farm
Well-Qualified and Highly-Experienced Faculty Members.
Industrial Tour and On-The-Job Training
Extensive and Knowledge -Rich Library
Effective Placement and Strategic Consulting

How will you benefit

Students gain knowledge of various types of soil and how each type can vary agricultural processes
It makes students talented to provide innovations for various issues coming up in sustainable agriculture
This programme imparts skills in students such as applying percent agricultural practise as per the soil type, analysis of soil, and sustainable development
In terms of job and career opportunities, the programme has a wide scope, as the advancement in modern agricultural techniques has opened the door for the appointment of fresh degree holders.

What will you study

Soil Health and Regenerative Agriculture

Climate Change and Soil Carbon Dynamics

Research: Boosting Agriculture, Soil, Environment, and Development

Management of soils and sustainable agricultural production

  • PO-1. Gain knowledge of the concepts and principles of Soil Science.
  • PO-2. Get knowledge of rocks and minerals, their composition, and the types of soils formed from different parent materials.
  •  PO-3. Understand the role of soil-forming factors and processes in soil formation.
  • PO-4. Understand various soil physical, chemical, and biological properties and their impact on plant growth
  • PO-5. Understand the behaviour of soils in crop production and management.

  • PSO-1. Get specific knowledge of various branches specialised for their studies
  • PSO-2. Get detailed knowledge on the subject to improve the farmer’s condition through their contributions.
  • PSO-3. Gain detailed knowledge of soil physics, soil chemistry, soil microbiology, soil classification, soil fertility, fertilisers, and the importance of all sciences to farmers
  • PSO-4. Use appropriate scientific and statistical methods and evaluations for decision-making in various sectors of agriculture.

  • PEO-1. Students will understand advanced concepts and practical knowledge in the fields of Soil Science and Agricultural Chemistry.
  • PEO-2. Students will be skilled in the fields of Soil Science and Agriculture Chemistry.
  • PEO-3. Students will develop skills and efficient human resources for undertaking appropriate research on crop and natural resource management on a sustainable basis.


  • Advances in Soil Fertility
  • Physical Chemistry of Soils
  • Biochemistry of Soil Organic Matter
  • dvances in Crop Growth and Productivity
  • Irrigation Management
  • Applied regression Analysis
  • Library and Information Services
  • Technical Writing & Communication Skills
  • Intellectual Property its Management in Agriculture


Assistant Professor
Subject Matter Specialist
Senior Research Fellow
Soil Survey Officer


MSc. (Ag.) in Soil Science and Agricultural Chemistry

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