Programme overview

The MBA programme is designed to cultivate students into capable leaders who are prepared to confront the complexities of the contemporary global business landscape. The programme places a strong emphasis on nurturing skills that enable individuals to generate innovative and value-creating products, processes, and organisational structures. Moreover, it instills in students the ability to identify and define problems, establish clear objectives, gather and analyse relevant information, assess risks and alternatives, and harness the power of technology to facilitate qualitative problem-solving methods. Additionally, the MBA programme equips students with the necessary frameworks to evaluate and develop effective organisational responses to diversity, fostering a deep understanding of diversity's significance and enabling students to create inclusive environments. Furthermore, the programme provides comprehensive support in comprehending, analysing, and applying ethical frameworks to corporate social responsibility and ethical decision-making, ensuring students develop a strong ethical compass in their professional pursuits.

  • 2 Years

    Duration of Program

  • PG

    Level of Study

Key Highlights

Robust and all-encompassing curriculum.
Internships and Practical experience
Developing practical legal skills
International outlook, fostering a global perspective.
Strong emphasis on ethical values.

How will you benefit

This degree boosts career prospects for employers who value leadership and problem-solving.
MBA programmes offer networking for job opportunities, mentorship, and valuable connections.
The programme cultivates versatile skills that are transferable across industries
Opens doors to entrepreneurship with solid business knowledge and skills.

What will you study

Programme imparts diverse, comprehensive business knowledge.

MBA fosters leadership, management skills, success.

MBA offers networking for career growth.

Degree boosts careers, higher positions, earnings.

  • Evaluate different business problems using analytical, creative, and integrative abilities
  • Analyse the socio-political-economic environment of business organisations.
  • Communicate effectively in different contexts.
  • Develop functional and general management skills.
  • Build and demonstrate leadership, teamwork, and social skills.

  • Postgraduates specialising in Human Resource Management can handle administrative work in corporations, industries, offices, and educational institutions.
  • Students specialising in financial management can handle work in financial institutions, banks, stock exchanges, finance departments of corporations, industries, and educational institutions.
  • Postgraduates specialising in marketing management can handle work in insurance, FMCG, dealers, and banks
  • Students specialising in production can handle work in the industrial sector, AKVN, Navratan industries, and production units.
  • Students having a specialisation in IT Management can handle work in corporate, industries, offices, financial institutions, banks, stock exchanges, insurance, FMCG, dealers, the industrial sector, AKVN, Navratan industries, production units, and teaching in educational institutions.

  • Working professionals will inculcate a spirit of ethics and social commitment in their professional lives so that they can add value to society.
  • Competent professionals will utilise their in-depth knowledge of business management in the respective areas
  • Efficient entrepreneurs will support the economy of the nation by establishing new business enterprises and startups.
  • Qualified professionals will come up with solutions to simplify complex managerial problems through rational thinking.
  • Skilled performers will do the research and development and propose innovation by providing new ideas for designing the products and services.


  • Management Process and Organizational Behavior
  • Quantitative Method
  • Managerial Economics
  • Environment Analysis and Management
  • Managerial Skill Development
  • Accounting for Managers
  • Computer Application for Managers
  • Financial Management
  • Marketing Management.
  • Human Resource Management


HR Officer
Accounts Officer
Sales Executive
Shift In-charge


Eligibility Criteria

Graduated from any discipline.

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