Programme overview

The M.Sc. in Genetics and Plant Breeding is a two-year programme. Anyone with a four-year degree can apply, not just those with degrees in Agriculture or Biotechnology. The majority of the food we eat comes from plants. Therefore, it is crucial to investigate and figure out how to mass-produce them in vast quantities, as discussed in the Plant Breeding and Genetics course. Studying how to feed a large population is an important field of study. There are several potential causes of crop failure. This allows plant breeders to develop varieties that are resistant to pests and diseases and can thrive in a variety of climates and soil types. The Master of Science in Genetics and Plant Breeding programme teaches marker-assisted selection, quantitative trait loci (QTL), connection mapping, and diversification analysis. enhance controlled trials by quantitative and qualitative genes, etc.

  • 2 Years

    Duration of Program

  • PG

    Level of Study

Key Highlights

Well-equipped Genetics Lab
Well-qualified and highly experienced faculty members
Placement and Advisory Services
Hands-on Training and Workshops
Agricultural Research Farm

How will you benefit

Develop genotypes with higher yield, nutrient efficiency, nutritional quality, and biotic and abiotic stress resistance, and Create efficient phenotyping and genotyping systems, utilising SSR and SNP markers, to facilitate the advancement of innovative ag
Knowledge on chromosome structure and function, chromosomal mapping with markers, polyploidy, cytogenetic aspects of agricultural evolution, and biotechnological tools for crop improvement Out mutation breeding, plant breeding under biotic and abiotic str
Acquire both theoretical and practical knowledge.
Master the fundamentals of cutting-edge breeding methods like marker-assisted selection, QTL and relationship mapping, and diversification analysis.

What will you study

Recent Crop Breeding Techniques for Diverse Crops

Enhancing Plant Resilience and Quality

Hybrid Seed Development and Germplasm Evaluation

Advancing Crop Quality via Biotech Tools

  • PO1: Provide holistic exposure to agriculture-based knowledge of Genetics and Plant Breeding in different crops.
  • PO2: Understand the different plant reproduction systems, genetic variability, and strategies of selection and breeding.
  • PO3: Disseminate knowledge regarding various techniques of advanced and innovative research related to genetics and plant breeding.
  • PO4: In-depth practical knowledge in germplasm screening, the development of Inbred lines, and hybridization techniques for various crops.

  • PSO1: Identify and develop the resistance or improved variety for a particular area.
  • PSO2: Get blended knowledge related to genetics and breeding practises for the cultivation of different crops, from ancient to modern agricultural
  • PSO3: Understand the major constraints of crop production and their solutions.
  • PSO4: Gain knowledge about the importance of identifying genes, isolating them,
  • PSO5: Determine their function and control their expression in different crops in different field areas.

  • PEO1: Know about advanced concepts and in-depth practical knowledge regarding Genetics and Plant Breeding for the cultivation of different crops.
  • PEO2: Understand and analyse the current issues that are occurring in local and global agriculture and how they will affect futuristic agriculture, and build the scientifically skilled manpower needed to serve the community, especially in rural areas.


  • Principles of Genetics
  • Principles of Cytogenetics
  • Principles of Plant Breeding
  • Cell Biology and Molecular Genetics
  • Detection and diagnosis of Plant Diseases
  • Disease resistance in Plant Diseases
  • Statistical Methods and applied sciences
  • Library and information services
  • Technical writing & communication skills
  • Intellectual property its management in Agriculture


Subject Matter Specialist
Senior Research Fellow
Assistant Director of Agriculture
Senior Lab Assistant


B.Sc. in (Agriculture/Forestry), or any other relevant equivalent degree


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