Programme overview

This prestigious programme (PGDABM) will provide ample opportunities for the agriculture sector to develop efficient linkages between production, processing, warehousing, cold chain management, and marketing of their produce, generating optimum profitability.

  • 1 Years

    Duration of Program


    Level of Study

Key Highlights

Integrated Approach
Agri business Field Experience
Sustainable Agri-business Development Focus
Entrepreneurship and Innovation
Cross-disciplinary Perspective

How will you benefit

The programme equips you with a specialised agri-business management programme covering marketing, finance, and rural development.
Growing demand for agribusiness experts in various industries. Diverse career opportunities exist in agribusiness, food processing, cooperatives, and startups.
Diploma programme with entrepreneurship and agribusiness modules. Fosters innovation and self-employment opportunities.
Gain market insights and develop effective agri-product marketing strategies. Understand trends, consumer behaviour, and trade policies.

What will you study

Study agribusiness fundamentals and gain a comprehensive understanding of the industry.

Agricultural marketing and supply chain management.

Agri-business financial management: budgeting, analysis, and investment.

Rural development, agri-policy, and sustainable agriculture.

  • PO1 - Agri-Business Acumen: Graduates will demonstrate a strong understanding of agri-business principles, including agricultural value chains, marketing strategies, and financial management in the context of the agriculture sector.
  • PO2 - Marketing and Supply Chain Expertise: Students will acquire specialised skills in agricultural marketing, market research, and supply chain management to connect farmers, producers, and consumers effectively.
  • PO3 - Financial Management Skills: Graduates will be proficient in financial management specific to agri-business, including budgeting, cost analysis, working capital management, and investment evaluation.
  • PO4 - Rural Development Awareness: The programme will instill an understanding of the impact of agribusiness on rural development and the importance of sustainable agriculture practises.
  • PO5 - Entrepreneurial Mindset: Students will develop an entrepreneurial mindset by learning how to plan and launch agri-business ventures and contribute to the growth and innovation in the agricultural sector.

  • PSO1 - Agri-Business Value Chain Analysis: Develop the ability to analyse the agri-business value chain, from production to consumption, and identify opportunities for value addition and efficiency improvement.
  • PSO2 - Marketing and Market Research Skills: Acquire skills in agricultural marketing, including market research techniques, understanding consumer behaviour, and designing effective marketing strategies for agricultural products.
  • PSO3 - Financial Planning and Risk Management: Learn to develop financial plans for agri-business ventures, assess risks, and implement risk management strategies to ensure the financial viability of agri-business operations.
  • PSO4 - Entrepreneurial Mindset and Business Planning: Cultivate an entrepreneurial mindset, including skills in business planning, identifying opportunities, and developing sustainable and innovative agri-business ventures.
  • PSO5 - Sustainability and Responsible Agri-Business Practises: Understand the importance of sustainability in agri-business management, including responsible resource management, environmental conservation, and ethical practises.

  • PEO1 - Business Management Knowledge: Graduates will possess a comprehensive understanding of agri-business management principles, concepts, and practises, enabling them to make informed decisions in the agricultural sector.
  • PEO2 - Marketing and Financial Expertise: Students will develop specialised skills in agricultural marketing, supply chain management, and financial management, preparing them for effective agri-business operations.
  • PEO3 - Entrepreneurial Mindset: The programme will cultivate an entrepreneurial mindset among students, encouraging innovation and empowering them to identify and pursue agri-business opportunities.
  • PEO4 - Sustainable Agri-Business Practises: Graduates will understand the significance of sustainable agriculture and agri-business practises, promoting environmentally responsible and socially conscious approaches.
  • PEO5 - Rural Development Impact: The diploma will emphasise the importance of agri-business in rural development, equipping graduates to contribute to the economic growth and livelihood improvement of rural communities.


  • Rural Marketing Management
  • Principles of Management
  • Organization Behaviour
  • Rural Finance & Banking
  • Managerial Economics
  • Micro finance
  • Management Information System


Agri-Business Manager
Marketing and Sales Executive
Agri-Finance Specialist


Eligibility Criteria

Graduated from any discipline.

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