Programme Overview

PGDCA programme is a UGC approved 1-year full time Post Graduation Diploma programme of 32 credits divided in 2 semesters (14 credits and 18 credits in 1st and 2nd semester respectively. The main aim of this program is to provide enough knowledge of computers to the UG passed students so that they can be a part of information technology. Using this programme they can improve their skills with the use of smart computer features.

  • 1 Years

    Duration of programme

  • Diploma

    Level of Study

Key Highlights

Highly qualified and research-focused faculty
Industry-focused education using ICT tools
Excellent facilities for infrastructure and computing
Outstanding academic performance
Outstanding placement records

How will you benefit

PGDCA is a course with a multitude of uses because it offers plenty of scope with fabulous jobs within and outside the country.
Post completing this course, you may make one of your choice of interest from multiple roles in many companies.
Will help candidates to find employment in public and private sectors, insurance, banking, accounting, e-commerce, marketing, and lots more.
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What will you study

Making the students understand and learn the basics of computer how it computes, to make familiar with the part and function of computer, its types , how to use computer, its characteristics, its usage, limitations and benefits etc.

Knowledge of MS Windows. Office Packages, MS Excel, MS PowerPoint.

Advanced networking concepts, preparing the student for entry Advanced courses in computer networking Enumerate the layers of the OSI model and TCP/IP.

Identify the different types of network topologies and protocols.

• PO1.This program opens the opportunity for learners that come from any stream to learn a skill-based subject. Learners can get initial knowledge of computers and can improve their skills.

• PO2.They can also work as computer operators or program developers in government or private sectors.

• PO3.This program provides a competitive environment for the learners which enables them to stand and complete themselves.

• PO4.The learners can also be able to prepare applications using computer language.

• The specific outcome of the programme is to achieve the well computer literates’ and educated learners who will be able to become a member of the growth of information technology industries. Any learner can do so many things with the respect of their career in the field of computer science. The knowledge of computer also helps to qualify competitive exams to make their career in post like computer operator

• Independently understand basic computer network technology.

• Understand and explain Data Communications System and its components.

• Identify the different types of network topologies and protocols.

• Enumerate the layers of the OSI model and TCP/IP. Explain the function(s) of each layer.

• State the use and users of accounting information.

• Explain and apply accounting concepts, principles and applications.

• Record basic accounting transactions and prepare annual financial statements.


  • Computer accounting (Tally - Busy - Saral)


Software Engineer
Computer Programmer & Analyst
Interface Engineer
Information Security Analyst



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