Programme overview

This prestigious programme (PGDUM) will provide ample opportunities for the agriculture sector to develop efficient linkages between production, processing, warehousing, cold chain management, and marketing of their produce, generating optimum profitability.

  • 1 Years

    Duration of Program


    Level of Study

Key Highlights

Integrated Approach
Urban Immersion and Field Experience
Sustainable Urban Development Focus
Entrepreneurship and Innovation
Cross-disciplinary Perspective

How will you benefit

Specialised urban expertise for valuable contributions in the sector.
Growing demand for urban management professionals. A diploma enhances employability in government, NGOs, and consulting.
The programme fosters insights into urban issues, promoting sustainable solutions. Tackle urbanisation, infrastructure, and environmental challenges.
PG Diploma: Field visits, internships, hands-on experience in urban management. Real-world exposure to urban scenarios.

What will you study

Urban Planning and Development

Urban Governance and Management

The economic aspects of urban development

Sustainable Urban Development

  • PO1 - Urban Planning and Development Skills: Graduates will demonstrate an understanding of urban planning principles and development strategies, enabling them to contribute to the organised growth and sustainable development of urban areas.
  • PO2 - Urban Governance and Management Proficiency: Students will acquire knowledge of urban governance structures, administrative processes, and management techniques, equipping them to address complex urban challenges effectively.
  • PO3 - Sustainability and Environmental Awareness: Graduates will recognise the importance of sustainability and environmental considerations in urban management, promoting eco-friendly practises and green infrastructure.
  • PO4 - Analytical and Problem-Solving Abilities: The programme will enhance students' analytical and critical thinking skills, enabling them to assess urban issues and propose innovative solutions to enhance urban living.
  • PO5 - Social and Community Engagement: Graduates will be capable of understanding urban social issues, such as housing, poverty, and social inclusion, and will develop skills to engage with communities and foster social equity in urban development.

  • PSO1 - Urban Development Planning: Develop the ability to formulate and implement urban development plans, considering factors like infrastructure, housing, transportation, and environmental sustainability.
  • PSO2 - Urban Governance and Policy Analysis: Acquire skills to analyze urban governance structures, policies, and regulations, and evaluate their impact on urban development and management.
  • PSO3 - Project Management in Urban Contexts: Learn project management techniques specific to urban development projects, including project planning, resource allocation, risk assessment, and evaluation.
  • PSO4 - Urban Research and Data Analysis: Gain proficiency in conducting research related to urban management, collecting and analyzing data to inform evidence-based decision-making.
  • PSO5 - Stakeholder Engagement and Community Development: Develop strategies for effective engagement with urban stakeholders, including communities, government agencies, private sector, and NGOs, to foster participatory urban development and community-driven initiatives.

  • PEO1 - Urban Management Knowledge: Graduates will possess a comprehensive understanding of urban management principles, concepts, and practises, enabling them to address the challenges of urbanisation effectively.
  • PEO2 - Problem-Solving and Decision-Making Skills: Students will develop strong analytical and critical thinking skills, allowing them to assess complex urban issues and make informed decisions in urban management contexts.
  • PEO3 - Sustainable Urban Development: Graduates will be well-versed in sustainable urban development practises, incorporating environmental, social, and economic considerations into urban planning and management.
  • PEO4 - Effective Communication: The programme will enhance students' communication skills, both written and verbal, to effectively convey ideas, collaborate with stakeholders, and present urban management solutions.
  • PEO5 - Social and Ethical Responsibility: Students will understand the social impact of urban development and management decisions and cultivate a sense of ethical responsibility towards promoting inclusive and equitable urban growth.


  • Urban Management and Development
  • Urban Services and Infrastructure Management
  • Municipal Management
  • Urban Laws and Policies
  • Management Information System
  • Research Methodology
  • Internship


Urban Planner
Urban Research Analyst
Urban Governance Specialist
Housing and Infrastructure Manager


Eligibility Criteria

Graduated from any discipline.

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