RNTU Consultancy Services
RNTU undertakes projects for consultancy in various areas of machine operations, designs, training and skill development. IQAC of RNTU is the Nodal agency and Prof. Nitin Vats (Director IQAC, Mob. 9726364024) is contact person. Department wise faculty members with details of their areas of expertise are given below: -

Agriculture, Farms, Crops, Food Processing etc.
1 Dr. Anil Kumar Kurchania Renewable Energy & Farm machinery
2 Dr. Ashok Kumar Verma Trainer- (Crop Insurance & Rural Finance) / Farmer Training / Inorganic & Organic farming Consultancy.
3 Dr. Shubham Kumar Kulshreshtha Horticulture Science, Vegetable based kitchen garden/farming module, Greenhouse management, Organic farming
4 Mr. Swapnil Kumar Pandey Bee keeping, Insect Population dynamic and Storage grain management
Humanities, Arts and Languages
1 Dr. Usha Vaidya Social work in Rural & Tribal area / Sociology
2 Dr. Mousmi Parihar Hindi Literature
3 Dr. Ruchi Mishra Tiwari Indian Mythology & Feminism in English Literature,Soft skills & Personality development
Physical & Life Science
1 Dr. Pragya Shrivastava Environmental Science / Parasitological / Potential of Medicinal Plants
2 Dr. Sudeshna Ray Advance Material Science/Nano Technology
3 Ms. Jyoti Rawat Environmental Science,Sustainability analysis & design
4 Dr. Prachi Tadge Advance Material Science/Nano Technology
Civil Engineering
1 Dr. Shalini Yadav Wastewater Treatment, Industrial & Solid Waste Management
2 Dr. Sunil Kumar Sharma Water resources and Environment and Geology
3 Mr. Kapil Soni Transportation
1 Dr. Deepti Maheshwari Behavioral Trainer / Statistical Software Trainer/ Taxation
2 Dr. Basanti Merlin Mathew
Computer Science Engineering
1 Dr. Rakesh Kumar IOT
2 Mr. Mukesh Kumar Data Mining / Machine Learning
3 Dr. S. Veenadhari Machine Learning, Data analytics, Python
4 Dr. Preeti Maheshwary IOT
1 Dr. Kiran Mishra Psychology / Psychometric Test
2 Dr. Seema Sharma Research on Educational Issues /subjects
Electronics and Communication Engineering
1 Dr. Sanjeev Kumar Gupta Wireless Communication, Sensor Networks
2 Mr. Ashish Chouhan Wireless communication, Digital Electronics
3 Mr. Jitendra Ahir Single Phase Electrical circuits (Electrician training)
4 Ankit Pandit Digital Communication / Wireless Communication /Optical Communication
Computer Science & Information Technology
1 Dr. Rajendra Gupta Data mining / Graphic Designing /2 D Animation
2 Dr. Varsha Jotwani Information Technology
1 Dr. Neha Mathur Personality development/Communication Skills
2 Dr. Sangeeta Jauhari Behavioral Trainer / Statistical Software Trainer / Career Counselor
Mechanical Engineering
1 Dr. Dinesh Kumar Soni Energy and Emissions with regards to internal Combustion Engines.
2 Mr. Lalit Narayan Renewable energy & Material Management
3 Mr. Vijay Bhan Dinkar Production Engineering
4 Mr. Rahul Kumar Singh I.C. Engine, Refrigeration & Air conditioning
5 Mr. Vinay Yadav Fabrication, CNC, CAD/CAM
6 Dr. T Ravikiran Solar Energy, Refrigeration & Air Conditioning
7 Mr. Tejkaran Narolia Material Science
Paramedical & Nursing
1 Dr. Manisha Gupta Specialization in Mental health Nursing
2 Ms. Nikki Pandey Nursing
3 Dr. C.P Mishra Yoga & Nutrition Expert / Ayurved
4 Dr. Avinash Singh Physiotherapy / Dry needling / Cupping
Library Science
1 Dr. Rakesh Kumar Khare Library Automation
Science Communication
1 Dr. Prabal Roy Science communication
1 Dr Laljeet Pachouri YOGA