Programme overview

The Bachelor of Science in Yoga, or BSc in Yoga, is a three-year undergraduate course that offers a blend of yoga and management skills. Yoga is a collection of physical, spiritual, and mental practises that originated in ancient India. Yoga in Sanskrit means 'to join'. Yoga has gained immense popularity around the world in recent years. Yoga provides mental and physical stimulation. It helps in reducing tension, increasing flexibility, and improving body posture. The BSc in Yoga consists of both classroom lectures and practical sessions. B.Sc. Yoga training in India is more focused on practical sessions. The curriculum aims at teaching, research, instruction, and opening up entrepreneurial options. The course's curriculum combines classical yoga theory with methods specific to modern lifestyles. If the student wants to become a yoga instructor or practitioner, this course will help the student become one.

  • 3 Years

    Duration of Program

  • UG

    Level of Study

Key Highlights

Huge Campus
Large Lecture Hall
Clean, conducive yoga hall for practice
Experienced, diverse faculty for all specialties
Ideal Location

How will you benefit

Yoga teacher training programmes and a bachelor's degree in yoga are both valuable options for those interested in practising yoga, but they serve different purposes.
A yoga teacher training programme designed to prepare individuals to lead safe and effective yoga classes.
It also gives students the opportunity to learn about other related areas such as health and wellness and interdisciplinary areas such as physical therapy, occupational therapy, and sports medicine
The programme will provide you with the skills and knowledge to teach yoga, while a bachelor's degree in yoga will provide a more comprehensive understanding of the practise and can open up a wide range of career opportunities.

What will you study

Degree Specialisation

Comprehensive Understanding

Teaching Skills Development

Career Opportunities

  • PO1: Connecting philosophical understandings of spirituality with modern scientific
  • PO2: Progress to explore the science behind Indian traditional practises
  • PO3: Directed towards demonstration, research, and application
  • PO4: Students will acquire theoretical knowledge in the fields of Yoga and spirituality.
  • PO5: Students will be able to develop holistically and demonstrate
  • PO6:Understanding of Indian traditional practises and underlying philosophy.
  • PO7: Concept of Yoga.
  • PO8: Students will be able to perform yoga movements correctly and authentically.
  • PO9: Reviving the ancient Indian education system, philosophy, and practise.
  • PO10: Yoga is established by the student through the Guru tradition and moves forward.
  • PO11: To establish harmony between human beings and nature through eco-friendly living.
  • PO12: Students should develop proficiency in the teaching skills of Yoga while being spiritual.
  • PO13: Students will be trained to be spiritually rooted, socially productive, and intellectually
  • PO14: Creative, emotionally balanced, mentally healthy, and physically strong.

  • PSO1: To introduce people to Yoga therapy, its principles, and the practises of Yoga with various Lifestyle disorders.
  • PSO2: To make people aware of the therapeutic and preventive value of yoga.
  • PSO3: To bring peace and harmony to society at large through the Yogic lifestyle.
  • PSO4: To prepare doctors of high calibre to make society disease-free from stress and lifestyle diseases.

  • PEO1: A Bachelor of Yogic Science will prepare professional yoga therapists so that they can teach.
  • PEO2: It will encourage the students to live life with discipline, honesty, kindness, and integrity.
  • PEO3: It will guide the students by showing them various spiritual paths through which they can progress in self-knowledge as well as divine inner peace.
  • PEO4: Will provide all that is needed to evolve to the highest level of consciousness.
  • PEO5: It will prepare a medical officer and an ayurvedic doctor.
  • PEO6: It will help students prepare yoga schedules.
  • PEO7: It will help the students set up yoga studios and provide them with natural remedies.
  • PEO8: It will help students practise teaching on different platforms.
  • PEO9: This will create possibilities for self-employment.
  • PEO10: It will connect the students with nature and provide an in-depth knowledge of herbs.
  • PEO11: It will prepare skilled dieticians and inculcate healthy eating habits in society.
  • PEO12: This will improve the overall health of the students.


  • Grammar Introduction-1
  • Introduction to Yoga Rishis
  • Principles of Yoga therapy in Indian education system
  • Indian philosophy and culture
  • Health and yoga


Yoga Instructor
Wellness Center
Yoga Studio Owners



12th pass in any science discipline

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