Programme overview

Yoga is an employment-oriented educational programme. Yoga courses teach a person and transform them into competent health care workers. There is a growing realisation of the importance of yoga practitioners in the health sector, especially in trauma and casualty care. Health care delivery systems are changing rapidly, and the demand for expert yoga personnel is increasing. Yoga therapy is a modern phenomenon influenced by the ancient Indian method of yoga. It involves stretching as a type of low-impact physical exercise and is often used for therapeutic purposes. It is used to treat existing mental and physical health problems but can also be used as a self-care strategy for prevention and maintenance.

  • 1 Years

    Duration of Program

  • 12th

    Level of Study

Key Highlights

Huge Campus
Large Lecture Hall
A clean yoga hall from a learning point of view for practise
Highly qualified faculty with wide teaching experience in all specialties
Conferences, seminars, and workshops are organised regularly at the college.

How will you benefit

The demand for yoga in India is on the rise for a number of reasons, including the country's ever-changing lifestyle.
With a comprehensive understanding of strategies for rehabilitation and recovery, yoga students learn not only how to help others but also how to help themselves.
Yoga is a fulfilling career opportunity.
Applicants who enrol in yoga programmes have many career and promotion opportunities.

What will you study

Foundation Philosophy of Yoga Science

Anatomy of the human body

yoga or mental health.

Yoga and Social behaviour

  1. PO1: Students will be able to demonstrate a comprehensive understanding of the history and philosophies that underpin the Yoga tradition.
  2. PO2: Students demonstrate the correct form for the discipline of Yoga practise.
  3. PO3: Students demonstrate effective teaching skills in Yoga.
  4. PO4: Students will have knowledge of biomedical systems from an integrative and holistic perspective, as needed for the practise of Yoga therapy.

  1. PSO1: This Diploma course will develop the personality of the individual and instill confidence in them.
  2. PSO2: It will make the students aware of the therapeutic and preventive value of Yoga.
  3. PSO3: It will create skilled yoga instructors who will be able to treat common ailments.
  4. PSO4: This will increase the intellectual knowledge of the students
  5. PSO5: It will expose the students to the rich Indian culture and tradition.
  6. PSO6: It will urge the students to dedicate themselves in such a way that they can always experience their best moments.
  7. PSO7: This will help students understand the barriers to happiness.
  8. PSO8. It will develop the real purpose of the exercise in the students.

  1. PEO1: Firstly, if the candidate is interested in making a career in academics through other undergraduate and postgraduate courses, he or she can go for higher studies.
  2. PEO2: They can do Masters and PhDs in Yoga for development in the research field.
  3. PEO3: After completing the Diploma, candidates can pursue bachelor's, master's, and doctoral degrees in the respective fields of Physical Education.


  • Introduction to yoga
  • Human anatomy and physiology
  • Yoga and Mental Health
  • Major diseases and yoga therapy


Educational Institution
Health Care Centre
Medical Centre
Government and private hospitals etc.


Eligibility Criteria

12th pass in any science discipline

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